Canteen and BBQ service is not discretionary

It’s unfortunate that I have to write about this so I’ll cut to the point. We are a volunteer club and do rely on our teams to help in many functions of the running of the club. Canteen and BBQ service is the most familiar commitment that most teams will be exposed to. We schedule teams to assist with the Canteen and BBQ for a reason. You are expected to attend when asked. 

Unfortunately, in recent weeks we have had teams not show up when expected, despite confirmation that they would. This lets down the Club and your kids. and imposes on others. 

Please be clear that:

  • Any team that does not show up when expected will be put on canteen and BBQ service for their next home game.
  • If they fail to show up for the second time then the Association will be notified that the Club has chosen to discipline the team and will instruct that their match is recorded as a forfeit with no points registered.
  • The team will still be rostered on for the next round. If they fail to perform Canteen and BBQ service for the third time then the team will be put before the Disciplinary Committee and may be stood-down by the Club. Let’s hope it never has to come to this.

To those teams that have performed their service – thank you. Your time, effort and commitment to Castle Hill United is appreciated.