General Club Information

CHUFC Bylaws

CHUFC Child Protection Policy

CHUFC Constitution

Play By The Rules
Fair and Safe Behaviour in Sport and Recreation

Codes of Acceptable Conduct *
Important Information for Officials, Coaches, Players, Parents & Spectators

CHUFC Player Code of Conduct
Each player accepts responsibility for this code of conduct.

Ground & Team Official Responsibilities
Ground and team officials are needed for every team except Funskills

CHUFC Food Safety Policy
This document outlines our commitment to food safety for all canteens and barbeque areas.

Coach and Manager Information

CHUFC Incident Report *

Working With Children Check
This is a link to the form you need to fill out and print if you are working with children.

Players Game Record – PDF Format
Players Game Record – XLS Format

What You Need to Know When Coaching Kids
Information on Child Protection from Soccer NSW

The Technical Area *
Some important information from the Association about the Technical Area

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